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The end of RPG Ambience

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While the title of this blog post sounds dramatic, I must unfortunately confirm that it is accurate, and sooner than I expected. Due to the type of unforeseen policy change by Google mentioned in the previous announcement, RPG Ambience no longer works for new users. Since I have neither the time nor the knowledge necessary to fix this on my own, this limitation will continue to be in place and effectively mean the end of RPG Ambience as a viable product.

While, to the best of my knowledge, RPG Ambience still works for existing users who used it before Google’s policy changes, it cannot be assumed that this will continue to hold indefinitely. I thus recommend anybody who absolutely needs the functionality of RPG Ambience to actively start looking for a replacement. While it might continue to work for a long time, it could also stop working tomorrow if Google’s policy changes again. Barring official details from Google (which I am not aware of) there is just no reliable way to know.

For more information and details on all of this, please read the previous announcement. While I had hoped that this new announcement on the effective end of RPG Ambience would not be needed so soon, I will end it in the same way as the previous one: thank you!

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