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Announcing the RPG Ambience Soundboard alpha!

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I’m happy to announce the public alpha of RPG Ambience Soundboard!

RPG Ambience Soundboard is a modified version of RPG Ambience with a few key differences:

RPG Ambience Soundboard is a step in the development of the next version of RPG Ambience. I started developing it because many users already use RPG Ambience for audio only, and because the lack of visuals makes development easier. For this reason, RPG Ambience Soundboard will also likely become the testing ground for new functionality in RPG Ambience.

Note that RPG Ambience is still being developed, and RPG Ambience Soundboard will not in any way replace it. Once the next version of RPG Ambience is released, RPG Ambience Soundboard will be either offered alongside RPG Ambience or merged into it. As I use both audio and visuals in my own games, I can guarantee that both elements will continue to be equally important to RPG Ambience.

I have added the “alpha” label to RPG Ambience Soundboard for two specific reasons:

This first version of RPG Ambience Soundboard is very bare-bones and might not have every feature that you expect, but I’m releasing it now because I know that some of you want it, and because it provides a great opportunity for feedback and discussion.

I have set up a new Google+ community where you can share your thoughts. As before, you can also send an email or post to the mailing list.

To try out RPG Ambience Soundboard, go to sound.rpg-ambience.com.

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