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Music recommendation: Jade Empire (oriental)

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Cover art for the Jade Empire soundtrack

While the soundtrack of Jade Empire is sadly one of few readily available soundtracks from games with an oriental setting, it’s useful enough that it might just be the only one you need. The calmer tracks draw heavily from Chinese aesthetics while the most dramatic tracks are closer to traditional orchestral arrangements. There are 31 tracks in total, and many of them are uniform enough to be useful without any editing.

Suggested scenes


  1. The Way of the Open Palm
  2. Jade Empire Main Theme


  1. Hills and Fields / Dance of the Babbling Brook / Fallow Ground
  2. Dawn Star Theme
  3. Silk Fox Theme
  4. Sky Theme
  5. Sanctuary


  1. Buried Secrets / Whispers
  2. Mischief in the Marsh
  3. House of Spirits / The Dark Land
  4. 3 Winds
  5. Last Rites / Internment


  1. Fist / Test Your Mettle
  2. Fury, Hammer and Tongs
  3. Into the Fray

Epic action

  1. Empire at War
  2. Fires of Chaos
  3. Soaring / Stormclouds
  4. Torment / The Way of the Closed Fist


  1. The Tea House
  2. A Night Out
  3. Ballad of the Drunken Revelers
  4. Wine and Women

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