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Partial audio support on mobile browsers

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Due to a significant browser restriction, RPG Ambience has so far been unable to play audio on mobile browsers. I just updated the app, however, with a small fix that adds partial support for audio on mobile browsers. While basic playback works as intended, note that this support is purely experimental and there is a severe limitation: only the first track in any given scene will play, and looping is not supported.

For the next version of RPG Ambience, I plan to remove this limitation. (I have a solution in mind, but it’s not as simple to implement as this experimental support.) I also intend to optimize the user interface so that it looks better on mobile devices, especially phones. Finally, I also hope to implement network ambience, to make mobile devices useful not only as standalone players but also as players in a multi-device setup.

For now, partial audio support is the best thing available. If you use RPG Ambience primarily as a soundboard with one-shot sound effects, it might be enough for your purposes.

If you have comments on this experimental feature, or on aspects of RPG Ambience in general, please send an email, post to the Google Group, or comment on GitHub.

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